LSA resource on scholarly teaching in linguistics

  • 25 Aug 2020 08:30
    Message # 9188437

    The Linguistic Society of America has just produced a page on 'Scholarly teaching in linguistics'. They say:

    "This page was developed in accordance with the values and mission statement articulated in the LSA's Long Range Strategic Plan (2019-2023) and the LSA Statement on Race, which examines how theories of race and previous work on race are operationalized in linguistics. We recognize that teaching is never socially neutral, that language is dynamic and variation is normal, that languages are inseparable from communities, and that linguistics teaching can promote social justice. Nevertheless, the field of linguistics emerged from a Western scientific tradition that has privileged certain languages, communities, cultures, and epistemologies over others, and that continues to support certain scholars and students over others. Inclusivity in the field cannot be achieved without a concerted shift towards inclusivity in teaching. The two are inextricably tied: exclusive structures are easily replicated and likely will be replicated unless people actively change them."

    There are also a number of resources for remote and online teaching on the page. 

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