LAGB Prize for the Best Student Presentation at ULAB

The LAGB has been proud to support the Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain (ULAB) conference since 2016, and since 2017 has sponsored a prize for the best presentation at ULAB as selected by ULAB attendees.

The prize consists of free LAGB membership for a year and the opportunity to attend and present the research at the following LAGB Annual Meeting with full funding, as well as the option to receive coaching and advice in presenting at academic conferences with a member of the LAGB committee.

Recent winners

2024: Lydia Wiernik (University of Edinburgh) for The influence of signed language acquisition on cognitive strategies for visuospatial perspective-taking.

2023: Abi Kinsella (University of Birmingham) for "I deeply apologise to anybody who may have been offended" - The "Notes App Apology" as a strategy for image repair.

2022: Beatrix Livesey-Stephens (University of Aberdeen) for Such ✨language change✨: the growing nuances of the sparkle emoji.

2021: Mitchell McKee (University of Glasgow) for Fight the virus, stick with the rules and reduce the peak: an analysis of the metaphors used by Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020: Madeleine Rees (research carried out at University of Southampton; current affiliation: University of Cambridge) for Palatalisation of the voiceless velar fricative in Santiago, Chile: a variationist analysis*.

2019: Katie Gascoigne (University of Leeds) for The effects of accent familiarity on lexical processing.

2018: Charlotte Manning (UCL) for An Analysis of the Interruptions Made by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the First 2016 Presidential Debates.

2017: Kieran Daly (University of Cambridge) for Contact, Community and Grime: Emergence of /q/ among Young Londoners.

*Due to the 2020 Pandemic, the ULAB conference did not take place. Instead, the prize was awarded to the best abstract submitted for the conference, according to the double-blind reviewers' scores.

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