SOAS     2013 Annual Meeting of the
Linguistics Association of Great Britain

28 - 31 August 2013

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Workshop on Primate Grammar | Workshop on Morphology


Plenary speakers

  • Henry Sweet Lecture 2013: Philippe Schlenker (Institute Jean-Nicod/NYU) - 'Towards a primate linguistics'
  • Linguistics Association Lecture 2013: Jonathan Bobaljik (UConn) - 'Morphological universals and the hidden structure of words'

Workshop on Primate Grammar (and Beyond)

This workshop will be held in conjunction with Philippe Schlenker's Henry Sweet Lecture on 28th August 2013, and will include presentations by:
  • Robert Seyfarth (UPenn) - 'Social cognition and the origin of language'
  • Chris Templeton (St. Andrews) - 'Feathered primates? Composition rules in avian vocalisations’
  • Simon Townsend (Zurich) - 'Semantic compositions in the meerkat alarm call system’
  • Klaus Zuberbühler (St Andrews) - 'Meaningful strings of calls in primates'

Workshop on Comparative Morphology and Morphological Theory

This workshop on morphology will be held in conjunction with Jonathan Bobaljik's Linguistics Association Lecture on 31st August 2013.

Language tutorial

There will be a Language Tutorial on Ritual Sumtu Chin (Southern Kuki-Chin, Tibeto-Burman; Burma), given by Justin Watkins (SOAS).

Education session

The LAGB Education Committee will hold a two-hour session on linguistics and education. Further details are available on the LAGB Education Committee website:

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