Markers needed for the UK Linguistics Olympiad

  • 29 Jan 2024 19:58
    Message # 13307455

    Dear Colleague,

    Once again we're looking for help with the marking of Advanced scripts. This time last year I circulated a similar message:, so I won't repeat what I said there. Our problem is that teachers have estimated 2,200 entries, and we've currently only got marking capacity for 1544. The number of predicted entries is good news, of course, and last year's appeal did produce the extra markers that we needed, so we hope that you'll rise to the occasion once again. The marking needs to be done this year between Feb 10 and 17.

    And remember, this gives you a chance to see close-up five gripping brain-teasers from linguistics!

  • 30 Jan 2024 09:52
    Reply # 13307742 on 13307455

    Just in case this helps to nudge anyone over the line: I've done this quite a few times now, as a 'markathon' with colleagues and advanced students. We normally do it in a two-ish hour session with drinks and snacks to make it a social thing. It's good fun, not too onerous, and very simple thanks to the good organisation and support from the UKLO folks. Definitely recommend (though sadly I'm not able to help this year). 

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