AMLUK Symposium on Pedagogies in ML, Area Studies & Linguistics, 19th March 2021

  • 11 Mar 2021 21:28
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    You are warmly invited to a Symposium on Pedagogies in Modern Languages, Area Studies and Linguistics

    Convened by AMLUK, this symposium offers the opportunity to share and jointly develop our thinking about pedagogy in our disciplines. Rather than conceiving of research and teaching as separate activities, we are aiming to devise and support integrative approaches that broaden our fields of enquiry and disciplinary understanding.  

    There will be three panels, on Area Studies, Linguistics, and ML/Literary and Film Studies. The panel on Linguistics, featuring some notable members of LAGB (naturally), will run from 14:00 to 15:00

    Among the questions to be addressed are:

    • How can our teaching methodologies support the decolonisation of our disciplines? 
    • What pedagogical strategies can help to support interdisciplinary thinking?
    • How can we put online teaching methodologies to best use in support of interdisciplinarity and internationalisation?
    • How can we link research and pedagogy in Modern Languages, Area Studies and Linguistics?
    • In what ways can pedagogy be linked to public engagement in our disciplines?

    Don't miss it!

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