Full list of experts

  Professor David Adger, Queen Mary University of London

Areas of interest: Grammar, language in the mind, constructed languages
Experience: BBC Radio 4, RN Drive Radio (Australia), Times Literary Supplement, The Conversation
Contact: Twitter, Email

Dr Laura Bailey, University of Kent

Areas of interest: Grammar, non-standard Englishes, Internet language
Experience: BBC Radio 2The Conversation, KMTV, BBC Radio Kent, Kent on Saturday, Babel 

Contact: Twitter, Email

Dr Erin Carrie, Manchester Metropolitan University

Areas of interest: Language variation and change, accents and dialects of English (particularly in Greater Manchester), attitudes towards language, perceptions of dialects and dialect boundaries Experience: North West Tonight, BBC Radio Manchester, Key 103, The Conversation, The Independent, Daily Mail, ITV News, Manchester Evening News
Contact: Twitter, Email, Project website


Dr Rob Drummond, Manchester Metropolitan University

Areas of interest: Language variation and change, youth language, multicultural urban British English, pedantry, accents and music
Experience: BBC Breakfast TV, BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Local Radio, BBC Magazine, The Conversation
Contact: Twitter, Email


Dr Mercedes Durham, Cardiff University

Areas of Interest: Sociolinguistics, Accents and Dialects of English, Language Variation and Change, Language Attitudes, English as a World Language.
Experience: BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Wiltshire, BBC Radio Scotland, CapitalFM/Heart Wales, WalesOnline
Contact: Twitter, Email

  Dr Lauren Gawne, La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia)

Areas of interest: Endangered languages, etymology and word meaning, internet language, gesture
Experience: "By Lingo" regular column in The Big Issue (Australia), Babel Magazine, Inside Himalayas, the Dangerous Women Project, Superlinguo, Lingthusiasm podcast
Contact: Email, Twitter
  Dr Erica Gold, University of Huddersfield

Areas of interest: Forensic phonetics, language variation, West Yorkshire English 
Huddersfield Examiner, BBC Radio Leeds
Contact: Email

Dr Sam Hellmuth, University of York

Areas of interest: Intonation, phonology, Arabic linguistics
Experience: BBC Radio 4
Contact: Twitter, Email
  E Jamieson, University of Edinburgh

Areas of interest: Shetland dialect, grammar, LGBT+ linguistics, public understanding of linguistics
Experience: Shetland Life, The Library is Open
Contact: Twitter, Email
  Dr Jonathan Kasstan, Westminster University

Areas of interest: Endangered languages, language death theory, accents and dialects, bilingualism
Experience: Swiss Info, The i
Contact: TwitterEmail

  Professor Paul Kerswill, University of York

Areas of interest: Language variation and change, migration and mobility, Multicultural London English, prescriptivism, language and technology
Experience: BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, The Sun
Contact: Twitter, Email
  Dr M. Lynne Murphy, University of Sussex
Areas of Interest:  American versus British English, dictionaries, vocabulary and meaning, politeness.
Experience: BBC Radio 4 (Today Programme, Fry's English Delight, Word of Mouth), Radio 3 (The Verb), BBC 1 (Imagine), Quartz, The Skeptic, Oxford Dictionaries. Quoted in: Sunday Times, Daily Mail, New York Times, The Atlantic, Vox, etc.
Contact: Twitter, Email, Blog
  Dr Catherine Laing, Cardiff University

Areas of interest: Onomatopoeia, phonological development
Experience: BBC Radio 4
Contact: Twitter, Email

Professor Jane Setter, University of Reading
Areas of Interest: Phonetics, phonology, pronunciation (esp English of various kinds), intonation, speech rhythm, speech and identity. Forensic speaker comparison. Accents.
Experience: Various local (mainly Berks) and some national (Virgin) radio stations (most often), TV, newspapers and the web. Advised and appeared on the BBC and Associated Press broadcasts on the accent of Jihadi John prior to his identification, appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh show talking about phonetics as a subject/science, and was interviewed for an article in the Observer on pronunciation variation in the UK.  On the advisory board of Babel: The Language Magazine.
Contact: Twitter, Email

Dr Dominic Watt, University of York
Areas of interest: Forensic phonetics, language variation and change, accents and dialects of English, Forensic linguistics, language and identity, dialectology, sociophonetics.
Radio Experience: BBC Radio 4, "The North-South Divide" with John and Pauline Prescott, Morgan Spurlock's 20th Anniversary documentary on "The Simpsons"; BBC Radio 4 'Frontiers' programme (on forensic acoustics); BBC Radio 1, 2, 5Live, a wide range of BBC and independent regional radio stations (inc. Radio Scotland, Radio Wales, Radio Ulster), BBC World Service, variety of international radio stations e.g CBC Canada.
TV experience: The One Show with Alastair McGowan; ITN News; Sky News; London Live.
Print experience: National dailies across the UK (e.g. Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Sunday Times, Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, News of the World, Metro, etc.); also national and regional newspapers in Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
Online media: wide variety of online news outlets, including BBC News Online, Wall Street Journal.
Other: HSBC report 'The Sound of 2066' (with Brendan Gunn), September 2016, and numerous other spin-off stories in broadcast, online and print media.
Contact: Email

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