NEW! Launch of the Scots Syntax Atlas!

  • 17 Dec 2019 11:16
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    Launch of the Scots Syntax Atlas


    A major new resource for the study of dialect syntax -  the Scots Syntax Atlas ( – is launched today.  


    The atlas presents the results of over 100,000+ acceptability judgments from over 500 speakers, young and old, across Scotland, investigating over 250+ morphosyntactic phenomena.


    It also contains a text-to-sound aligned corpus of conversational data totalling 275 hours and over 3 million words.


    The acceptability judgment data is freely accessible through the atlas interface. The full corpus of conversational data is available on request.  


    We very much hope that this digital resource can be used for research, teaching and community engagement more broadly. Gaun yersel!


    Jennifer Smith

    David Adger

    Brian Aitken

    Caroline Heycock

    E Jamieson

    Gary Thoms

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