Accents and dialects

Dr Erin Carrie, Manchester Metropolitan University

Areas of interest: Language variation and change, accents and dialects of English (particularly in Greater Manchester), attitudes towards language, perceptions of dialects and dialect boundaries Experience: North West Tonight, BBC Radio Manchester, Key 103, The Conversation, The Independent, Daily Mail, ITV News, Manchester Evening News
Contact: Twitter, Email, Project website

Dr Rob Drummond, Manchester Metropolitan University

Areas of interest: Language variation and change, youth language, multicultural urban British English, pedantry, accents and music
Experience: BBC Breakfast TV, BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Local Radio, BBC Magazine, The Conversation
Contact: Twitter, Email

Dr Mercedes Durham, Cardiff University

Areas of interest: Sociolinguistics, accents and dialects of English, language variation and change, language attitudes, English as a world language.
Experience: BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Wiltshire, BBC Radio Scotland, CapitalFM/Heart Wales, WalesOnline
Contact: Twitter, Email

Dr Erica Gold, University of Huddersfield

Areas of interest: Forensic phonetics, language variation, West Yorkshire English
Experience: Huddersfield Examiner, BBC Radio Leeds
Contact: Email
  E Jamieson, University of Edinburgh

Areas of interest: Shetland dialect, grammar, LGBT+ linguistics, public understanding of linguistics
Experience: Shetland Life, The Library is Open
Contact: Twitter, Email

Dr Jonathan Kasstan, Queen Mary University of London

Areas of interest: Endangered languages, Francoprovençal, language death, accents and dialects, bilingualism
Experience: Swiss Info
Contact: Twitter, Email

Professor Paul Kerswill, University of York

Areas of interest: Language variation and change, migration and mobility, Multicultural London English, prescriptivism, language and technology
Experience: BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, The Sun
Contact: Twitter, Email
Dr M. Lynne Murphy, University of Sussex
Areas of Interest:  American versus British English, dictionaries, vocabulary and meaning, politeness.
Experience: BBC Radio 4 (Today Programme, Fry's English Delight, Word of Mouth), Radio 3 (The Verb), BBC 1 (Imagine), Quartz, The Skeptic, Oxford Dictionaries. Quoted in: Sunday Times, Daily Mail, New York Times, The Atlantic, Vox, etc.
Contact: Twitter, Email, Blog

Dr Dominic Watt, University of York
Areas of interest: Forensic phonetics, language variation and change, accents and dialects of English, Forensic linguistics, language and identity, dialectology, sociophonetics.
Radio Experience: BBC Radio 4, "The North-South Divide" with John and Pauline Prescott, Morgan Spurlock's 20th Anniversary documentary on "The Simpsons"; BBC Radio 4 'Frontiers' programme (on forensic acoustics); BBC Radio 1, 2, 5Live, a wide range of BBC and independent regional radio stations (inc. Radio Scotland, Radio Wales, Radio Ulster), BBC World Service, variety of international radio stations e.g CBC Canada.
TV experience: The One Show with Alastair McGowan; ITN News; Sky News; London Live.
Print experience: National dailies across the UK (e.g. Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Sunday Times, Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, News of the World, Metro, etc.); also national and regional newspapers in Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
Online media: wide variety of online news outlets, including BBC News Online, Wall Street Journal.
Other: HSBC report 'The Sound of 2066' (with Brendan Gunn), September 2016, and numerous other spin-off stories in broadcast, online and print media.
Contact: Email

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