PROGRAMME: Tuesday 14 April 1998 1.00 LUNCH 2.00 Linguistics Association Lecture 1998 Professor Frederick J. Newmeyer (University of Seattle) 'Formal linguistics and functional explanations: bridging the gap' 3.30 TEA 4.00 Workshop on Formalism, Functionalism and Typology Convenor: Dr. William Croft (University of Manchester), with Professor Frederick J. Newmeyer, Professor Anna Siewierska and Dr. Simon Kirby 6.30 DINNER 7.45 Workshop continues 9.00 WINE PARTY Wednesday 15 April 1998 Session A 9.00 Anna Papafragou (UCL) "Another look at short-circuited implicatures" 9.40 Richard Breheny (UCL) "Strongest meaning observations" 10.20 Corinne Iten (UCL) "Concessive conjunction: a procedural account of although" Session B 9.00 James Hurford (Edinburgh) "Why linguists should study the evolution of language" 9.40 Marisa Lohr (Cambridge) "Genetic classification and biological methodology" 10.20 Iraide Ibarretxe-Antunano (Edinburgh) "Is metaphor the only explanation for semantic change?" Session C 9.00 Adam Przepiorkowski (T=FCbingen) "Do so and lexical theories of passivisation" 9.40 Peter Sells (Stanford) "Japanese postposing involves no movement" 10.20 Kook-Hee Gill (Edinburgh) "Long-distance binding in Korean: a lexicalist perspective" 11.00 COFFEE 11.30 Language Tutorial: Quechua Professor Pieter Muysken (University of Amsterdam) 1.00 LUNCH Session A 2.00 David Adger & George Tsoulas (York) "Choice sets in syntactic theory" 2.40 Elizabeth McCoy (York) "Word order in Irish non-finite clauses and the visibility of functional heads" 3.20 Nick Sobin (UALR) "The Comp-trace effect, the adverb effect, and minimal structure" Session B 2.00 Ludovica Serratrice (Edinburgh) "Access to functional categories: evidence from bilingual to first language acquisition" 2.40 Janig Stephens (Cardiff) "The language development of a child with a cochlear implant" 3.20 Eva Eppler (Lancaster & UCL) "Mixed and scrambled subordinations" Session C 2.00 Nikolas Gisborne (Hong Kong) "Force dynamics and the modality of SOUND-class verbs" 2.40 Seiko Ayano (Durham & MIE) "The [+state]/[-state] ambiguity of the desiderative complex in Japanese" 3.20 William McGregor & Xiaokang Zhou (Leuven & Melbourne) "Verbal classification in Mandarin Chinese" 4.00 TEA 4.30 Annual General Meeting 5.30 Language Tutorial continues 6.30 DINNER 7.45 Language Tutorial continues Thursday 16 April 1998 Session A 9.00 Joan Rafel (Girona) "Clausal small clauses" 9.40 Odile E. Cyrille (Salford) "Inversion in French interrogatives and que questions" 10.20 Masayoshi Amano (Nagoya) "On the licensing condition of pro in nominal adjectives" Session B 9.00 Jasper Holmes (UCL) "Resultatives: a semantic analysis" 9.40 Richard Hudson (UCL) "English subject-verb agreement" 10.20 And Rosta (Central Lancashire) "The syntactic characteristics of interrogative clauses" Session C 9.00 Dunstan Brown (Surrey) "Structuring grammatical categories: the place of `sub-case'" 9.40 Diane Nelson (Leeds) "Universal constraints on inflectional morphology: the importance of nonsyntactic features in the Mongolian past tense" 10.20 Patrick Honeybone (Newcastle) "Constraint creation and Gothic reduplication" 11.00 COFFEE Session A 11.30 Robert D. Borsley (Bangor) "Weak auxiliaries, compound verbs and inflected complementizers in Polish" Session B 11.30 Shu-Ming Chen (Essex) "An OT analysis of Mandarin Third Tone Sandhi" 12.10 Raising public awareness of language: `The World of Language' Project Roger Bowers 1.00 LUNCH Session A 2.00 Stella Markantonatou (NTUA & Cyprus) and Bjarne Oersnes (Copenhagen) "Group adjectives are not disguised arguments; they are plain adjectives!" 2.40 Noel Burton-Roberts (Newcastle) "Phonology in UG?" [55-minute slot - ends 3.35] Session B 2.00 Alastair Butler (York) "Comparatives and Kratzer's predicate distinction" Session C 2.00 Anna Siewierska (Lancaster) "From pronoun to agreement marker: why objects don't make it" 3.40 TEA AND CLOSE