LAGB Autumn Meeting: University of Hertfordshire Thursday 4 September 1997 1.00 LUNCH 2.00 Workshop: Celtic Syntax Organiser: Maggie Tallerman (Durham) 2.00 "Introduction to Celtic exotica" Maggie Tallerman (Durham) 2.10 "Word order in finite clauses" Bob Borsley (University of Wales Bangor) 2.35 "V2 in Brythonic and Goedelic" David Willis (Oxford) & Cathal Doherty (University Colle= ge Dublin) 3.30 TEA 4.00 "Infinitival clauses in Brythonic" Maggie Tallerman (Durham) 4.20 "Infinitival clauses in Goedelic" Gillian Ramchand (Oxford) & David Adger (York) 5.05 Progress in Celtic linguistics Jim McCloskey (University of California at Santa Cruz) 6.30 DINNER 7.45 Henry Sweet Lecture: Jim McCloskey (University of California at Santa = Cruz) Building clauses - in Irish and in general Friday 5 September 1997 Session A 9.00 Ricardo Berm=A3dez-Otero (Manchester/Santiago de Compostela= ) "Factorial typology and language change" 9.40 Debra Ziegeler (Michigan State University) "Ontogenetic-diachronic parallels in retention" 10.20 Guy Deutscher (Cambridge) "Before syntactic and lexical-semantic control? Evidence from Babylonian" Session B 9.00 Anna Papafragou (UCL) "Modal expressions in early child language" 9.40 Indra Sinka, Michael Garman and Christina Schelletter (Reading) "Tense, agreement and optional infinitives: Bi= lingual evidence from English, German and Latvian" 10.20 Susan Clack (University of Wales Bangor) "The optional infinitive in child Welsh" Session C 9.00 Philip Miller (Lille III) "Complements vs adjuncts: Some tests which are supposed to distinguish them but don't r= eally do so" 9.40 Ursel Luhde (University of Wales Bangor) "Ergativity, telicity and auxiliary selection in motion verbs" 10.20 Maya Arad (UCL) "Are unaccusatives aspectually characterized?" 11.00 COFFEE 11.30 Language Tutorial: Welsh Gwen Awbrey (University of Wales Cardiff) & Bob Morris Jones (University of Wales Aberystwyth) 1.00 LUNCH Session A 2.00 Andrew Spencer & Marina Zaretskaya (Essex) "Inflection, derivation and the lexeme - evidence from the Russian lex= icon" 2.40 Tessa Say & Harald Clahsen (Essex) "Regular and irregular inflection in the mental lexicon: evidence from Italian" 3.20 Mark Donohue & Kersti Borjars (Manchester) "Much ado about nothing: features and zeroes in morphology" Session B 2.00 Bernadette Plunkett (York) "The status of root clause complementisers" 2.40 M. Siobhan Cottell (University of Wales Bangor) "A raising analysis of cleft constructions" 3.20 Kook-Hee Gill (Edinburgh) & George Tsoulas (York) "Predication, Existence, Possession and the double subjec= t construction in Korean" Session C 2.00 Marjolein Groefsema (Hertfordshire) "Concepts as word meanings: a dynamic view" 2.40 Corinne Iten (UCL) "The relation between causal and concessive connectives" 3.20 Richard Breheny (UCL) "The pragmatics of weak and strong readings of definites" 4.00 TEA 4.30 LAGB Business Meeting Session A 5.30 Kuniya Nasukawa (Tohoku Gakuin/UCL) "Licensing chain and potential strength" Session B 5.30 Louisa Sadler (Essex) "Clitics and the hierarchy of constructions/morphological blocking" Session C 5.30 S.J. Hannahs & Maggie Tallerman (Durham) "Wackernagel revisited: second position phenomena in P-Celtic" 6.30 DINNER 7.45 Language Tutorial Gwen Awbrey (University of Wales Cardiff) & Bob Morris Jones (University of Wales Aberystwyth) Saturday 6 September 1997 Session A 9.00 Louisa Sadler, Andrew Spencer & Ana Lu=A1s (Essex) "Tensed pronouns in English" 9.40 Kersti Borjars (Manchester), Kate Burridge (La Trobe) & Sue Spence (Manchester) "From complementiser to inflection? = The fer...zu construction in Pennsylvania German" 10.20 Dick Hudson (UCL) "The case of Icelandic PRO" Session B 9.00 Mary Lou Grimberg (Hertfordshire) "The univocality of pro-terms: arguments against REF" 9.40 Steve Nicolle (Middlesex) "The effect of modal auxiliaries on `immediate inference' tasks: an investigation into Re= levance and Mental Models" 10.20 David Tugwell (Edinburgh) "Dynamic syntax and the architecture of the language faculty" Session C 9.00 Nicholas Sherrard (Essex) "Blending theory - correspondence theory with multiple inputs" 9.40 Zaharani Ahmad (Essex) "There are no "glides" in Malay: an Optimality Theoretic account" 10.20 Faisal Al-Mohanna (Essex) "The superheavy syllable in Arabic: An OT account" 11.00 COFFEE 11.30 Language Tutorial Gwen Awbrey (University of Wales Cardiff) & Bob Morris Jones (University of Wales Aberystwyth) 1.00 LUNCH Session A 2.00 David Adger (York) "Modals and type underspecification" 2.40 Anastasia Giannakidou & Melita Stavrou (Groningen/Aristotle University, Thessaloniki) "Nominal subdeletion, substant= ivization and the syntax-semantics interface" 3.20 Ivan A. Derzhanski (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) "Presupposition and interrogation" Session B 2.00 Siety Meijer (Hertfordshire) "Lexical and non-lexical prepositions" 2.40 Andrew Caink (Durham) The South Slavic Cluster at the Lexical and PF interfaces" 3.20 Mark Donohue (Manchester) "Syntactic roles and semantic roles in grammar: evidence for external possession" Session C 2.00 Jeanine Treffers-Daller (Hertfordshire) "A psychological account of variability in code-switching" 4.00 TEA AND CLOSE