LINGUISTICS ASSOCIATION OF GREAT BRITAIN Autumn Meeting 1997: University of Hertfordshire Second Circular The 1997 Autumn Meeting will be held from Thursday 4 to Saturday 6 September on the Watford campus of the University of Hertfordshire, where the Association will be the guests of the Department of Linguistics. The Local Organiser is Marjolein Groefsema ( Enquiries about the meeting should be addressed to: Marjolein Groefsema, LAGB 1997, Department of Linguistics, University of Hertfordshire, Watford Campus, Aldenham, Herts WD2 8AT. Accommodation: All bedrooms will be in Kennedy Court, a short walk =66rom where the talks will be given, and have tea and coffee making facilities. Rooms will be allocated strictly on a "first-come first-served" basis. Registration: will begin at 12 noon on Thursday the 4th of September in room M6 in the Mansion. Bar: the refectory bar will be open at lunchtimes and evenings (until midnight) every day during the conference. Food: please indicate vegetarian and any other dietary requirements o= n the booking form below. Childcare: If you require childcare during the conference, please contact the Local Organiser for further details. Travel by train: The most convenient railway stations for Aldenham ar= e WATFORD JUNCTION and RADLETT. Taxis are normally available at both stations; the taxi fare should cost approximately 6 pounds. For Watford junction (Network South East North), trains leave from London terminus EUSTON. Trains are frequent; two fast trains (20 minutes) every hour; three slow trains (45 minutes) every hour; the local trains link with the London Underground system at Queen's Park (Bakerloo Line) (also, of course, at Euston). For Radlett, trains leave from London Terminus KINGS CROSS (Thameslink). Two fast trains (20-25 minutes) every hour. Travel by bus: The faculty of Humanities, Languages and Education is situated approximately 3 miles from both Watford and Radlett. University bus services 600 and 602 provide a half-hourly service fro= m Watford Junction, Bushey and Radlett Stations to Watford Campus (Monday to Saturday). A two hourly service is provided on Sundays. University bus service 634 also operates from Watford Junction to Watford Campus via North Watford. For full details of University bus services please contact 01707 268012. The 311 service passes through Aldenham and links Watford Junction and Radlett (bus stops are close to the stations). Buses run at approximately hourly intervals Monday to Friday. Alight at Aldenham Church (Faculty of Humanities, Language= s and Education entrance opposite) and follow the drive to the campus (10 minutes walk). Travel by car: VIA M1 - from London or Midlands. Leave M1 at junction 5; take A41 south towards Harrow for 400 yards to the roundabout; turn left onto the B462 (signposted Radlett); in about 600 yards tur= n left into Aldenham Village; opposite the church take the private road to University of Hertfordshire Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Education, Watford Campus, Wall Hall. VIA M25 - from East and West. As it is not possible to turn south onto the M1 from the M25, leave M25 at junction 21A and follow signs for M1 South (direction London); turn onto M1 (junction 6); leave M1 at junction 5 (next exit south); follow instructions for M1 (above). Parking: free parking will be available for all delegates. Events: The Henry Sweet lecture 1997 on the Thursday evening will be delivered by Jim McCloskey (University of California at Santa Cruz) and is entitled Building clauses - in Irish and in general. On the afternoon of Thursday 4 September there will be a Workshop on Celtic Syntax organised by Maggie Tallerman (Durham), and including the following speakers: Jim McCloskey (UCSC), David Adger (York), Bob Borsley (University of Wales Bangor), Cathal Doherty (University College Dublin), Gillian Ramchand (Oxford) and David Willis (Oxford). There will be a brief introduction to the noteworthy syntactic features of Celtic, and the remainder of the afternoon will be devote= d to clause structure across the two branches of the family, namely P-Celtic (Welsh, Breton, Cornish) and Q-Celtic (Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Manx). Although all the languages exhibit verb-initial finite clauses, both branches display a variety of other word orders in both finite and non-finite clauses. Infinitival clauses are subject-initia= l in all the modern Celtic languages. Verb second word order is also found on each side of the family, most notably in Modern Breton and Middle Welsh; V2 phenomena will be considered both from a diachronic and synchronic perspective. Short question sessions will follow each paper. The Language Tutorial, on Welsh, will be given by Gwen Awbery (University of Wales Cardiff) and Bob Morris Jones (University of Wales Aberystwyth). There will be a Wine Party on the Thursday evening, following Professor McCloskey's lecture, sponsored by the Department of Linguistics. Bookings: should be sent to the Local Organiser, address above, to arrive by Friday 15 August. Cheques should be made payable to "University of Hertfordshire". Guests: members may invite any number of guests to meetings of the association, upon payment of a guest invitation fee of 5 pounds. Members wishing to invite guests should photocopy the enclosed bookin= g form. Abstracts: are available to members who are unable to attend the meeting. Please order using the booking form below. Business Meeting: This is to be held on the afternoon of Friday 5 September. Items for the agenda should be sent to the Honorary Secretary. Election of Meetings Secretary: At the business meeting, Marjolein Groefsema (University of Hertfordshire) will be elected unopposed as Meetings Secretary. Nominations for speakers: Nominations are requested for future guest speakers; all suggestions should be sent to the Honorary Secretary. Changes of address: Members are reminded to notify the Membership Secretary (address below) of changes of address. An institutional address is preferred; bulk mailing saves postage. Committee members: President Professor Richard Hudson, Department of Phonetics and Linguistics, University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT. E-mail: Honorary Secretary Dr. David Adger, Dept. of Language and Linguistic Science, University= of York, Heslington, York. YO1 5DD. E-mail: Membership Secretary Dr. Kersti Borjars, Department of Linguistics, University of Manchest= er, MANCHESTER M13 9PL. E-mail: Meetings Secretary Dr. Billy Clark, Communication Studies, Middlesex University, Trent = Park, Bramley Road, LONDON N14 4YZ. E-mail: Treasurer Dr. Paul Rowlett, Dept. of Modern Languages, University of Salford, S= alford M5 4WT. E-mail: Assistant Secretary Dr. April McMahon, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Cambridge, Sid= gwick Avenue, CAMBRIDGE CB3 9DQ. E-mail: Internet home page: The LAGB internet home page can be found at the following address: Electronic network: Please join the LAGB electronic network which is used for disseminating LAGB information and for consulting members quickly. It can be subscribed to by sending the message "add lagb" to= : Future Meetings: 14-16 April 1998 University of Lancaste= r. 10-13 September 1998 University of Luton. 8-10 April 1999 (dates provisional) University of Manchester. Autumn 1999 (provisional) University of York. Spring 2000 (provisional) University College Lo= ndon. Autumn 2000 (provisional) University of Wales B= angor. The Meetings Secretary would very much like to receive offers of future venues, particularly from institutions which the LAGB has not previously visited or from places with newly established linguistics programmes. PROGRAMME: Thursday 4 September 1997 1.00 LUNCH 2.00 Workshop: Celtic Syntax Organiser: Maggie Tallerman (Durham) 2.00 "Introduction to Celtic exotica" Maggie Tallerman (Durham) 2.10 "Word order in finite clauses" Bob Borsley (University of Wales Bangor) 2.35 "V2 in Brythonic and Goedelic" David Willis (Oxford) & Cathal Doherty (University College Dublin 3.30 TEA 4.00 "Infinitival clauses in Brythonic" Maggie Tallerman (Durham) 4.20 "Infinitival clauses in Goedelic" Gillian Ramchand (Oxford) & David Adger (York) 5.05 "Progress in Celtic linguistics" Jim McCloskey (University of California at Santa Cruz) 6.30 DINNER 7.45 Henry Sweet Lecture: Jim McCloskey (University of California at Santa Cruz) Building clauses - in Irish and in general Friday 5 September 1997 Session A 9.00 Ricardo Bermudez-Otero (Manchester/Santiago de Compostela) "Factorial typology and language change" 9.40 Debra Ziegeler (Michigan State University) "Ontogenetic-diachronic parallels in retention" 10.20 Guy Deutscher (Cambridge) "Before syntactic and lexical-semantic control? Evidence from Babylonian" Session B 9.00 Anna Papafragou (UCL) "Modal expressions in early child language= " 9.40 Indra Sinka, Michael Garman and Christina Schelletter (Reading) "Tense, agreement and optional infinitives: Bilingual evidence from E= nglish, German and Latvian" 10.20 Susan Clack (University of Wales Bangor) "The optional infinitive in child Welsh" Session C 9.00 Philip Miller (Lille III) "Complements vs adjuncts: Some tests which are supposed to distinguish them but don't really do so" 9.40 Ursel Luhde (University of Wales Bangor) "Ergativity, telicity and auxiliary selection in motion verbs" 10.20 Maya Arad (UCL) "Are unaccusatives aspectually characterize= d?" 11.00 COFFEE 11.30 Language Tutorial: Welsh Gwen Awbery (University of Wales Cardiff) & Bob Morris Jones (University of Wales Aberystwyth) 1.00 LUNCH Session A 2.00 Mark Donohue (Manchester) "Syntactic roles and semantic roles in grammar: evidence for external possession" 2.40 Tessa Say & Harald Clahsen (Essex) "Regular and irregular inflec= tion in the mental lexicon: evidence from Italian" 3.20 Mark Donohue & Kersti Borjars (Manchester) "Much ado about nothing: features and zeroes in morphology" Session B 2.00 Bernadette Plunkett (York) "The status of root clause complement= isers" 2.40 M. Siobhan Cottell (University of Wales Bangor) "A raising analy= sis of cleft constructions" 3.20 Kook-Hee Gill (Edinburgh) & George Tsoulas (York) "Predication, Existence, Possession and the double subject construction in Korean" Session C 2.00 Marjolein Groefsema (Hertfordshire) "Concepts as word meanings: = a dynamic view" 2.40 Corinne Iten (UCL) "The relation between causal and concessive c= onnectives" 3.20 Richard Breheny (UCL) "The pragmatics of weak and strong reading= s of definites" 4.00 TEA 4.30 LAGB Business Meeting Session A 5.30 Kuniya Nasukawa (Tohoku Gakuin/UCL) "Licensing chain and potential strength" Session B 5.30 Louisa Sadler (Essex) "Clitics and the hierarchy of construction= s/morphological blocking" Session C 5.30 S.J. Hannahs & Maggie Tallerman (Durham) "Wackernagel revisited: second position phenomena in P-Celtic" 6.30 DINNER 7.45 Language Tutorial: Welsh Gwen Awbery (University of Wales Cardiff) & Bob Morris Jones (University of Wales Aberystwyth) Saturday 6 September 1997 Session A 9.00 Louisa Sadler, Andrew Spencer & Ana Lu=EDs (Essex) "Tensed prono= uns in English" 9.40 Kersti Borjars (Manchester), Kate Burridge (La Trobe) & Sue Spen= ce (Manchester) "From complementiser to inflection? The fer...zu constru= ction in Pennsylvania German" 10.20 Dick Hudson (UCL) "The case of Icelandic PRO" Session B 9.00 Mary Lou Grimberg (Hertfordshire) "The univocality of pro-terms: arguments against REF" 9.40 Steve Nicolle (Middlesex) "The effect of modal auxiliaries on `immediate inference' tasks: an investigation into Relevance and Ment= al Models" 10.20 David Tugwell (Edinburgh) "Dynamic syntax and the architecture of the language faculty" Session C 9.00 Nicholas Sherrard (Essex) "Blending theory - correspondence theory with multiple inputs" 9.40 Zaharani Ahmad (Essex) "There are no "glides" in Malay: an Optimality Theoretic account" 10.20 Faisal Al-Mohanna (Essex) "The superheavy syllable in Arabic: An OT account" 11.00 COFFEE 11.30 Language Tutorial: Welsh Gwen Awbery (University of Wales Cardiff) & Bob Morris Jones (University of Wales Aberystwyth) 1.00 LUNCH Session A 2.00 David Adger (York) "Modals and type underspecification" 2.40 Anastasia Giannakidou & Melita Stavrou (Groningen/Aristotle University, Thessaloniki) "Nominal subdeletion, substantivization and= the syntax-semantics interface" 3.20 Ivan A. Derzhanski (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) "Presupposition and interrogation" Session B 2.00 Andrew Spencer & Marina Zaretskaya (Essex) "Inflection, derivation and the lexeme - evidence from the Russian lexicon" 2.40 Andrew Caink (Durham) "The South Slavic Cluster at the Lexical and PF interfaces" 3.20 Siety Meijer (Hertfordshire) "Lexical and non-lexical prepositio= ns" Session C 2.00 Jeanine Treffers-Daller (Hertfordshire) "A psychological account of variability in code-switching" 4.00 TEA AND CLOSE BOOKING FORM: Please return this form, with your remittance, by Friday 15 August to= : Marjolein Groefsema, LAGB 1997, Department of Linguistics, University of Hertfordshire, Watford Campus, Aldenham, Herts WD2 8AT. Please mak= e cheques payable to "University of Hertfordshire". (All prices are in pounds sterling ("stlg"). _____________________________________________________________________= _ NAME: INSTITUTION: ADDRESS FOR THIS MAILING: E-MAIL ADDRESS: I enclose remittance as indicated (select appropriate package): 1. Complete conference package: (a) including Thursday lunch preceding workshop (i) if sent to arrive before 15 August 105-53 stlg (ii) if sent to arrive after 15 August 117-25 stlg (b) excluding Thursday lunch (i) if sent to arrive before 15 August 97-65 stlg (ii) if sent to arrive after 15 August 108-50 stlg (c) Surcharge for non-members, 5-00 stlg TOTAL: 2. Selected items: (a) conference fee (OBLIGATORY) to cover cost of abstracts, tea and coffee, room bookings, speakers' expenses etc. 15-00 stlg (b) Thursday lunch 8-75 stlg (c) Thursday dinner 9-50 stlg (d) B&B Thursday/Friday 28-50 stlg (e) Friday lunch 8-75 stlg (f) Friday dinner 9-50 stlg (g) B&B Friday/Saturday 28-50 stlg (h) Saturday lunch 8-75 stlg SUB-TOTAL: Deduct 10% if sent to arrive before 15 August (i) Surcharge for non-members, 5-00 stlg TOTAL: 4. Abstracts only, for those not attending: 5-00 stlg UK 6-00 stlg overseas TICK TO RECEIVE ABSTRACTS WITH YOUR BOOKING RECEIPT: TICK IF YOU WOULD LIKE VEGETARIAN FOOD: OTHER SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (e.g. DIET, ACCOMMODATION):