SPRING MEETING of the The Linguistics Association of Great Britain

Monday 10 April to Wed. 12 April 1995

University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Second Circular,

See below for the Conference Programme , and a Booking Form .

The 1995 Spring Meeting will be held from Monday 10 April to Wednesday 12 April at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne; the meeting will be hosted by the Centre for Research in Linguistics.

Enquiries about the meeting should be sent to the Local Organiser: Karen Corrigan, School of English, The University, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 7RU. Tel: 091-222-6000 ext. 7757. Fax: 091-222-8708.

Accommodation will be in Havelock Hall, Castle Leazes, and the talks will be held on site at Castle Leazes. Registration begins at 11.00 at the main reception desk at Castle Leazes.

Travel: Newcastle is excellently situated and easily accessible by all forms of transport. London is less than 3 hours away by rail on the "225" electrified east coast line. The two main roads to Northumberland and Newcastle are the A1 (London to Edinburgh) and the A69 (Newcastle to Carlisle). Other routes from Scotland are the A696/68 through the National Park and the A697. Newcastle Airport, Central Station, the Urban Motorway and the Newcastle Metro system are all within easy reach of the University's main precinct and the halls of residence.

Events: The Linguistics Association 1995 Lecture on the Monday evening will be delivered by Professor Ellen F. Prince of the University of Pennsylvania, and is entitled The Notion "Construction" and the Relation Between Discourse and Syntax.

Professor Prince will also be participating in a Workshop on the topic of Grammar, Discourse and Information on the Monday afternoon. The workshop is organised by Noel Burton-Roberts (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne); other contributors are Elisabet Engdahl (Edinburgh), Enric Vallduvi (Edinburgh) and Judy Delin (Stirling).

The workshop addresses the relation between "language" and "discourse", construing "language" in a narrow sense (as Grammar, I-language): what are the implications for (I-)language of the discourse functions of information packaging and focus, and what is the relation between grammatical structure and information structure? The workshop will focus on two themes: (1) the crosslinguistic diversity involved in the structural realisation of information packaging and (2) the relation between that structural realisation and the constructionless grammar of the minimalist programme.

The Newcastle Meeting will also include the first of the Language Seminars discussed at Middlesex. Dr. Larry Trask (Sussex) will provide an introduction to Basque (two two-hour sessions). Basque is the only non-Indo-European language in western Europe and the last survivor of the languages spoken in Europe before the arrival of the Indo-Europeans. The language therefore offers us a unique window onto pre-IE Europe.

The rather extraordinary phonological system of pre-Basque has been partly Indo-Europeanized during the last two millennia, but not so completely as to bury its non-IE character. Basque also has perhaps the most thoroughgoing ergative morphology on the planet, even though its syntax is uncompromisingly accusative. The verbal morphology is overwhelmingly periphrastic, but at the same time the finite auxiliary agrees with up to three NP arguments. Complement clauses, relative clauses and adverbial clauses can all be rendered by a variety of finite and non-finite means, and the language has a strikingly prolific device called a "-ko phrase" for constructing all kinds of complex modifiers.

Published descriptions of Basque are mostly unsatisfactory and at times genuinely misleading. These tutorials will try to clear up some of the most widespread misunderstandings and, if time permits, to say something about the (rather well-understood) phonological history of Basque during the last 2000 years or so, and further to summarize the state of play in the seemingly ceaseless search for relatives for this genetic isolate.

Human Language Series: Participants will also be given the opportunity to view three films in this series which has now become available for educational use in the United Kingdom. The films, produced and directed by Gene Searchinger, aim to introduce fundamental questions in the study of language "in a way that all intelligent people will enjoy and truly understand".

Wine Party: There will be a wine party on the Monday evening, sponsored by the Centre for Research in Linguistics.

Bookings: should be sent to the Local Organiser, address above, to arrive by 17 March. Cheques should be made payable to LAGB Newcastle.

Guests: Members may invite any number of guests to meetings of the Association, and should photocopy the booking form below for each guest. There is a UKL 5 surcharge for non- members.

Abstracts: are available to members who are unable to attend the meeting. Please order from the Local Organiser on the booking form below.

Annual General Meeting: This is to be held on the afternoon of Tuesday 11 April. One item of business will be the elections of a new Honorary Secretary and a new Treasurer. Only one candidate has been nominated for each post. For Honorary Secretary, David Adger (York) has been nominated by Nigel Fabb and seconded by Billy Clark. For Treasurer, Paul Rowlett (Salford) has been nominated by Andy Spencer and seconded by Maggie Tallerman.

Nominations for speakers: The annual general meeting will also invitenominations for future guest speakers; suggestions can also be sent at any time to the Honorary Secretary.

Changes of Address: Members are reminded to notify the Membership Secretary (address below) of any changes of address. An institutional address is preferred; bulk mailing saves postage.

Conference Programme:

(This is part of the Second Circular )
			Conference Programme

                        Monday 10 April 1995

                              1.00 LUNCH

2.00    Workshop "Grammar, Discourse and Information"
	Organised by Noel Burton-Roberts (Newcastle); participants:
	Ellen Prince, Judy Delin, Elisabet Engdahl, Enric Vallduvi.

                       4.00 TEA

4.30   Workshop continues

                       6.30 DINNER

7.45   Linguistics Association 1995 Lecture:
       Ellen Prince (University of Pennsylvania)
       'The Notion "Construction" and the Relation Between Discourse and Syntax'

                                      Tuesday 11 April 1995

Session A
9.00	Anna Siewierska (Lancaster) "Morphological alignment: nouns vs. verbs"
9.40	Michael Kliffer (McMaster) "Inalienable possession in Mandarin: functional/
        typological issues"
10.20	Simon Kirby (Edinburgh) "Competing motivations and the invisible hand:
        explaining implicational universals"

Session B
9.00	Najib Jarad (Bangor) "The status of TO in Old English to-infinitives"
9.40	Paul Rowlett (Salford) "The negative cycle and negative concord"
10.20	Jun Abe and Hiroto Hoshi (SOAS) "Gapping in English and Japanese"

Session C
9.00	Richard Matthews (Freiburg) "English-German pluperfect and past perfect
        mismatching: some semantic and pragmatic consequences"
9.40	Keith Mitchell (Edinburgh) "HAD BETTER and MIGHT AS WELL:
        marginalised English modals?"
10.20	Villy Rouchota (UCL) "A relevance theoretic account of the
        referential-attributive distinction"

                                          11.00 COFFEE

Session A
11.30	Robert Borsley (Bangor) "On the non-nominal nature of Celtic verb-nouns"
12.10	Maggie Tallerman (Durham) "Soft mutation and markedness in Welsh"

Session B
11.30   Satoko Suzuki (Macalester College) "Discourse functions of two kinds of TE
        in spoken Japanese"
12.10	X. Rosales Sequeiros (Buckingham) "Discourse relations, coherence and
        temporal relations"

Session C
11.30	Mark Newson (Budapest) "The syntax of negation and optimality theory"
12.10	Alvina Byrne (Oxford) "A question of place"

                                           1.00 LUNCH
Session A
2.00	Kuniya Nasukawa (Tohoku Gakuin) "Voice and nasality in Gokana"
2.40	Mariko Kondo (Edinburgh) "Glottal assimilation and vowel devoicing"
3.20	Yuko Kondo (Edinburgh) "Production of schwa by Japanese speakers of
        English: a crosslinguistic study on coarticulatory strategies"

Session B
2.00	William Philip and Peter Coopmans (OTS/Utrecht) "There's more to anaphora
        acquisition than meets RULE I"
2.40	Michael Barlow (Rice) "The use of reflexive forms"
3.20	Anne Zribi-Hertz (Paris) "The English genitive in copular constructions"

Session C
2.00	Heloisa Salles (Bangor) "Indirect objects, case assignment and the minimalist
2.40	mit Turan (Anadolu) "Definite zero and overt objects in Turkish"
3.20	Richard Ingham (Reading) "Deverbal argument structure"

                                            4.00 TEA

4.30	LAGB Annual General Meeting

Session A
5.30	Karijn Helsloot (Amsterdam) "Minimal prosodic templates, feature checking,
        FILL and PARSE"

Session B
5.30	David Adger and Bernadette Plunkett (York) "Binding in VSO languages"
        [60 minute session]

Session C
5.30	Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam (Allameh Tabata'i) "Compound verbs in
        Persian: descriptive and theoretical issues" [60 minute session]

                                           6.30 DINNER

7.45	Language Tutorial: Basque
        Larry Trask (Sussex)

                                     Wednesday 12 April 1995

Session A
9.00	Bong Yeung Tom Lai and Changning Huang (Hong Kong/Beijing)
        "Single-headedness and projectivity for syntactic dependency"
9.40	Dick Hudson (UCL) "Con PRO"
10.20	Dunstan Brown (Surrey) "A network morphology account of the Russian

Session B
9.00	Nigel Fabb and Mairi Blackings (Strathclyde) "Verb movement in Madi and
9.40	Andrew Caink (Durham) "Functional auxiliaries in 'long head movement'
10.20	Nigel Duffield (McGill) "V1  V2-1 (except in relative clauses)"

Session C
9.00	Oya Biringen-Akman (Birkbeck ) "The psychological reality of grammar
9.40    Colin Phillips (MIT) "Finiteness and wh-movement in early child language"
10.20   George Xydopoulos (UCL) "The syntax of manner adverbs in Modern Greek"

                                          11.00 COFFEE

Session A
11.30   Claire Grover (Edinburgh) "Parasitic gaps and coordination in HPSG"
12.10   Kersti Borjars (Manchester) "In fact, noun phrases are really Noun Phrases"

Session B
11.30   Yasuhiko Kato (Tokyo) "Negative polarity: a comparative analysis of English
        and Japanese"
12.10   William McClure (Durham) "Extra-light Suru"

Session C
11.30   Hiroto Hoshi (SOAS) "Excorporation and Japanese as an overt V-to-I
12.10   Hans Bennis, Frits Beukema and Marcel den Dikken (Leiden) "Getting verb

                                           1.00 LUNCH

2.00    Language Tutorial: Basque
        Larry Trask (Sussex)

                                          4.00 TEA AND CLOSE


(This is part of the
Second Circular )


Please return this form, with your remittance, by 13 March to: Karen
Corrigan, School of English, The University, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1
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I enclose remittance as indicated:

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      (ii) if sent to arrive after 17 March     UKL 100-80          UKL 

  (b) excluding Monday lunch
      (i)  if sent to arrive before 17 March    UKL 93-30           UKL 
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            abstracts, tea and coffee, room bookings,
            speakers' expenses etc.             UKL15-00             UKL15-00
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  (c)       Monday dinner                       UKL10-35             UKL
  (d)       Bed/breakfast Monday/Tuesday        UKL21-30             UKL
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