Autumn Meeting 1995: University of Essex

                    First Circular and Call for Papers

The 1995 Autumn Meeting will be held from Monday 18 September to
Wednesday 20 September at the University of Essex, where the
Association will be the guests of the Department of Language and
Linguistics. The Local Organisers are David Britain
( and Stella Markantonatou (

Essex University has a rural campus, situated a couple of miles east
of Colchester, Britain's oldest recorded town. The campus is situated
in Wivenhoe Park, over 200 acres of scenic wooded parkland dotted with
small lakes. Despite its out-of-town location, Essex University is
easy to reach by car or train. There is also an excellent bus service
connecting the university to the centre of Colchester, which has a
fine Norman castle on Roman foundations, Britain's largest surviving
Roman gateway and its oldest town wall. In addition, the town has a
number of good restaurants, offering a range of cuisines including
French,Italian, Indian, Chinese and Nepalese.

Travel: There are railway stations at Colchester (short trip by taxi
to campus) or Wivenhoe (short trip by bus to campus), served by trains
to/from London Liverpool Street. Train travellers from Scotland and
the North-East can avoid London by travelling via Peterborough and
Ipswich. There is a National Express Coach Service both to London and
the Midlands.  By car, Colchester, lies on the A12 which connects with
the M25 for those travelling from the South and West and with the A14
for those driving from Scotland, the North and the
Midlands. Colchester is also a short train journey from both Harwich
and Felixstowe, two important ports with ferry connections to
Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Belgium. The nearest airport is
London Stansted, a 45 minute drive away.

Events: The Henry Sweet Lecture 1995 on the Monday evening will be
delivered by Professor Edwin Williams (Princeton). There will also be
a Special Guest Lecture by Professor Greg Stump (Kentucky).

Professor Williams will also be participating in a Workshop on the
Monday afternoon.  Further details will be given in the Second

There will be a Language Tutorial on Mayali, given by Dr Nicholas
Evans (Melbourne).  Mayali is a polysynthetic non-Pama-Nyungan
language of Arnhem Land, and the two sessions will aim to cover the
main features of the grammar, exemplified as far as possible through
study of a traditional text. After situating the language
sociolinguistically, most of the tutorial will deal with grammatical
features of typological interest: noun incorporation, applicatives,
reflexive/reciprocals, quantifier prefixes on the verb, and agreement
and non-agreement within the noun class system.  Enquiries about the
LAGB meeting should be sent to the Meetings Secretary (address below).
Full details of the programme and a booking form will be included in
the Second Circular, to be sent out in June.

Call for Papers: Members and potential guests are invited to offer
papers for the Meeting; abstracts are also accepted from
non-members. Abstracts must arrive by 6 June 1995 and should be sent
in the format outlined below to the following address: Professor
G. Corbett, Linguistic Studies, University of Surrey, Guildford,
Surrey, GU2 5XH.  Papers for the programme are selected anonymously -
only the President knows the name of the authors.

Abstracts must be presented as follows: submit SEVEN anonymous copies
of the abstract, plus ONE with name and affiliation,
i.e. CAMERA-READY. The complete abstract containing your title and
your name must be no longer than ONE A4 page (8.27" x 11.69") with
margins of at least 1" on all sides. You may use single spacing (not
more than six lines to the inch) and type must be no smaller than 12
characters per inch.  Type uniformly in black (near-letter quality on
a word processor) and make any additions in black. It is preferable to
print out the abstracts using a laser printer, since if the paper is
accepted the abstract will be photocopied and inserted directly into
the collection of abstracts sent out to participants. WRITE YOUR NAME

The following layout should be considered as standard:
              (title)  Optimality and the Klingon vowel shift
                           (speaker)  Clark Kent
      (institution)  Department of Astrology, Eastern Mars University

The following guidelines may be useful:

1.	Briefly state the topic of your paper.

2.	If your paper is to involve an analysis of linguistic material, 
	give critical examples, along with a brief indication 
	of their critical nature.

3.	State the relevance of your ideas to past work or to the future
	development of the field. If you are taking a stand on a controversial
	issue, summarise the arguments which lead you to take up this position.

The normal length for papers delivered at LAGB meetings is 25 minutes
(plus 15 minutes discussion). Offers of squibs (10 minutes) or longer
papers (40 minutes) will also be considered: please explain why your
paper requires less or more time than usual.

N.B. ABSTRACTS SUBMISSION DATES: These are always announced in the
First Circular for the Meeting in question. Any member who fears that
they may receive the First Circular too late to be able to submit an
abstract before the deadline specified can be assured that an abstract
received by the President by JANUARY 1 or JUNE 1 will always be
considered for the next meeting.  Conference Bursaries: There will be
a maximum of 10 bursaries available to unsalaried members of the
Association (e.g. PhD students) with preference given to those who are
presenting a paper. Applications should be sent to the President, and
must be received by 6 June. Please state on your application: (a) date
of joining the LAGB; (b) whether or not you are an undergraduate or
postgraduate student; (c) if a student, whether you receive a normal
grant; (d) if not a student, your employment situation. STUDENTS WHO
ARE SUBMITTING AN ABSTRACT and wish to apply for funding should
include all the above details WITH THEIR ABSTRACT.

Guests: Members may invite any number of guests to meetings of the
association, upon payment of a o5 guest invitation fee. Members
wishing to invite guests should photocopy the booking form enclosed in
the Second Circular.

Nominations for speakers: Nominations are requested for future guest
speakers; all suggestions should be sent to the Honorary Secretary.

Business Meeting: This is to be held on the afternoon of Tuesday 19
September. Items for the agenda should be sent to the Honorary

Changes of address: Members are reminded to notify the Membership
Secretary (address below) of changes of address. An institutional
address is preferred; bulk mailing saves postage.

Committee members:


     Professor Grev Corbett, Linguistic and International Studies, 
	University of Surrey,  GUILDFORD, Surrey, GU2 5XH. 

     Honorary Secretary

     Dr. David Adger, Dept. of Language and Linguistic Science, 
	University of York, Heslington, York.  
	YO1 5DD. e-mail:

     Membership Secretary

     Dr. Kersti B"rjars, Department of Linguistics, University of 
	Manchester, MANCHESTER M13 9PL. e-mail:

     Meetings Secretary

     Dr. Billy  Clark, Communication Studies, Middlesex University, 
	Trent Park, Bramley  Road, LONDON N14 4XS. e-mail:


     Dr. Paul Rowlett, Dept. of Modern Languages, University of 
	Salford, Salford M5 4WT. e-mail:

     Assistant Secretary

     Dr. April McMahon, Dept. of Linguistics, University of 
	Cambridge, Sidgwick Avenue, CAMBRIDGE CB3 9DQ. 

     BLN Editor

     Dr. Sue-Yiew Killingley, Grevatt and Grevatt, 9 Rectory Drive, 

Employment exchange: Dr. Killingley is also the employment exchange
organiser. Tel: 091- 285-8083 10.00-12.45 and 14.00-16.00 weekdays
(sometimes working at other venues during the day - ring 20.00-21.00
weekdays if necessary).

British Linguistic Newsletter: Members are reminded that they can
subscribe to BLN (ISBN 0964-6574) by contacting the Editor,
Dr. S-Y. Killingley.  Subscriptions for BLN are not to be sent to the
LAGB Treasurer.

Internet home page: The LAGB internet home page is now active at the
following address:

Electronic network: Please join the LAGB electronic network which is
used for disseminating LAGB information and for consulting members
quickly. It can be subscribed to by sending the message "add lagb" to:

Future Meetings:

Spring 1996    April 11-13, University of Sussex.
Autumn 1996    (provisional), Cardiff Institute of Higher Education.
Spring 1997    (provisional), University of Edinburgh
Autumn 1997    (provisional), University of Hertfordshire.

The Meetings Secretary would very much like to receive offers of
future venues, particularly from institutions which the LAGB has not
previously visited or from places with newly established linguistics