2021 Annual Meeting of the LAGB

Online, 6-9 September 2021

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LAGB 2021

Henry Sweet Lecture 2021

Maria Polinsky (University of Maryland)

Linguistics Association Lecture 2021

Brian Joseph (The Ohio State University)

Summer School

This year's summer school includes workshops on securing postdoctoral funding (with Raffaela Folli, Ulster University) and on reviewing manuscripts and publishing articles (with Journal of Linguistics). Papers will also be presented by our plenaries this year.

Special sessions

  • New directions in Creole linguistics
  • Debates in the globalising of variationist sociolinguistics
  • Linguistics and community languages in schools
  • Directions in linguistics and social justice
  • Particles in African languages

Sponsored by Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press is offering a special discount on their books for attendees of the LAGB 2021 annual meeting. See here for details.

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