Lecture videos for schools

  • 14 Dec 2017 09:28
    Message # 5628169

    CLiE has been approached by a group of English teachers from UK schools who are building a collection of academic lectures for GCSE English classes, including (of course) lectures on language. This is a wonderful opportunity for linguists to make a positive contribution to school teaching.

    • The lectures can be quite academic, as the focus is on the academic content rather than entertainment. We've already given them some videos by Jeanette Sakel, which the teachers liked very much.
    • The maximum length is 30 minutes but there doesn't seem to be a minimum - some of Jeanette's last only 5 minutes.
    • The videos may be already published on your website.
    • The CLiE site for further information is http://clie.org.uk/lectures4schools .

    If you want more information, or want to offer videos, contact me at dick@ling.ucl.ac.uk.

    Dick Hudson

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